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About the Client:
This top mortgage loan provider has always had its sights set on serving their client through a simplified process. They believe in technology balanced with strong human interaction.

The Challenge:

The lead funnel was in decline using their previous direct mail provider. They felt the lead lists they were pursuing were oversaturated with the “typical” mortgage message that had low creativity and response rate. This mortgage company also felt their vendor was an order taker and didn’t want to help them move their marketing forward to stay ahead of the curve. 

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The Process:

The first part of the process was to assemble the right data. By having access to proprietary data that could pinpoint  new prospects, Overflowworks.com was able to provide a robust list of new prospects that were in the market for a mortgage refi. In addition, new creative was built to target that exact buying cycle need. A test was performed and more calls and conversions were immediately received by the mortgage company.


The Results:

After the test runs were completed, full scale direct mail marketing was started and the client enjoyed a 41% increase in response and from that an additional 26% in conversions. The company was able to grow from 20 loan officers to 60 loan officers as the new qualified leads continued to pour in. The best part of this example is that this mortgage company now has a vendor that they can trust and Overflowworks.com is seen as a business partner and not an order taker. As the landscape has changed over time, working together, the creative and list data has also shifted to maintain a steady qualified lead volume.

This client used to call daily except while on vacation for one week per year in Maui. Client now meets with Overflowworks.com once per week and spends three weeks per year in Maui.

Because of non-disclosure agreements between Overflowworks.com and its client, Overflowworks.com has, in many cases, intentionally omitted actual corporate names of its clients in its case studies.


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