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About the Client:
This solar power designer and installer has grown to be one of the regions most trusted solar installers through its commitment to providing industry leading energy savings and customer-centric solar solutions with over 7,000 solar installs to date.

The Challenge:

This solar power provider was managing their own inhouse direct mail campaigns and sent 100,000 postcards per month and over time they saw a decrease in response rate due to market saturation (down to 100 calls per
100,000 mail outs per month). Their cost per install was over $4,000. 

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The Process:

Overflowworks.com brought a fresh set of data and creative/offers to the process. Very quickly there were 10 different creatives and 5 different data sets in response testing. Included in one of the data sets was homeowners with pools and electric vehicles – a likely buyer for solar power solutions. Through this testing a champion creative and data set was found.


The Results:

The response rate tripled, now 100,000 mailers are yielding 300 inbound calls and the marketing cost per install was cut in half to $1800 per install.

The client now has another channel that they can depend upon for leads. They have maintained their door knocking and internet advertising, and their internal staff is now able to focus on sales generation activities vs direct mail creation and send out.

This was a true win for the administrative team, the sales team and the
installers who are busier than ever. Less work internally, less cost per install and more installations.

Because of non-disclosure agreements between Overflowworks.com and its client, Overflowworks.com has, in many cases, intentionally omitted actual corporate names of its clients in its case studies.


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