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The 5 Most Effective Auto Dealer Direct Mail Pieces.

In our last blog post we discussed how direct mail generates the most cost effective form of inbound lead generation. Today we are going to dive into that topic a little further and elaborate on the best types of auto dealer direct mail to benefit from. If you are seeking to catch your target audience’s attention here are the 5 most effective types of direct mail to use.

  • Holiday Mailers – When your considering direct mail for your auto dealership, holiday mailersare an excellent way of delivering creative messages to your target audience while enticing them with seasonal incentives. Holiday mailers work because consumers are actively paying attention to their mail during the holidays. They are waiting on greeting cards from friends or gifts from family members and they can’t help but come across your mailer. This significantly increases the odds that they will see your offer. Some great examples of Holiday mail promotions are:

* Black Friday Specials

* Father’s and Mother’s Day Deals

* Turkey Mailers

* New Years Sales

  • Lease Expiration – These mailers can be especially effective for a number of reasons but the main one is fairly obvious: when a consumer is facing lease expiration, they are usually contemplating leasing or buying a new car. In some cases the prospective buyers are even scouring the internet for the best deals. But alas, while the internet is full of useful information, it can also be full of misleading information and often times become overwhelming and even frustrating for consumers. This puts your auto dealers direct mailadvertisement at a great advantage. Once they receive your physical mailer informing them of a promotion they qualify for, it will come as a great relief and make them feel as if you’ve done the leg work for them.


  • First day out of bankruptcy – For someone who has filed bankruptcy purchasing or leasing a car can be an extremely difficult process. So if your dealership specializes in qualifying these individuals on their first day out of BK, those people definitely WANT to hear from you, especially since most are aware that obtaining a car loan is generally the best way to rebuild their credit.


  • Auto Refinance – There are multiple reasons that someone becomes eligible to refinance their car: their credit improved, interest rates have dropped, or maybe they didn’t get a very good rate in the first place. Sending a mailer informing them they are able to refinance their car is a great way to get them to come to your dealership and discuss the possibility of saving themselves some money. Some people will take you up on your offer to refinance them but many will be open to the possibility of purchasing or leasing a new car with these new, lower interest rates.


  • Troubled credit – As with those who have struggled with bankruptcy, individuals with bad credit know the struggle of trying to purchase a car all too well. Many of them have even given up looking, so seeing your mailer in their mailbox could be a beacon of hope! Many people aren’t aware that there are dealerships with in-house financing and while these people may have done some research on the internet it’s highly likely that they became frustrated and stopped looking, that is, until they got your mailer.

In summation, it is a great idea to leverage optimum buying times in order to generate more inbound leads and boost your dealership’s revenue!