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Our clients are happy with our services, and they aren’t shy about saying so. Check out these testimonials!

I got 15 calls today…..nice! 2 solid deals and 1 maybe deal…..a few more Spanish speaking than anticipated and it has been great.

Jeff Konopka

Sr. Loan Officer

Things are going quite well! Our five team members have received a total of 21 calls from the HARP – 2 leads so far. Each of us has received about.four calls to date. And, amazingly enough, each of the leads appears to be quite high quality.

Keith J Morgan, CSA

Loan Officer

I have had a great response – in fact too good!  For my next mailer  i will spread it out so I’m not getting slammed at one time.

David Pereira

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

I can attribute at least 23 phone calls and 5 applications from the mailer so far. I think I’ll be doing another mailer next month, as soon as I get a loan closed. I’ve run 8 loans between yesterday and today, with 6 approvals. All 5 apps from the mailers have a DU approval!

Michael Austin

7 more calls today (so far, it’s only 6pm)  with 5 more applications and the other 2 will be waiting until next week since they are leaving for vacation. 

Erik Holen

I’ve got 4 solid sold deals that work for like 25k in revenue, 3 points on every single one! I still have to contact like 15 leads. This is Insane. 

David Pereira

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

We have had a great response to the flyer, probably 10 calls and at least 6 deals so far. Call me on Monday and let’s get started on round 2 to the other names we have.


Ben Zitting

I am still receiving calls.  I have had approximately 19 calls total and about 12 applications.  The quality of the leads still remain very high.  The loan sizes are big so that is offsetting the smaller commission paid.  By the way I am in San Diego this week.  

Carrie Nicholsky

Loan Officer

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