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Our Team

The OverflowWorks.com team – from executive management, to account managers, to creative, to fulfillment – is here to serve you. We are proud of every single member of the team for their expertise, past accomplishments, present contributions and future potential. From the top down, the OverflowWorks.com operation is in sync through and through.

Our Team

Executive Team

Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush

Founder and President

After investing years of his career in the mastery of direct marketing and lead generation, Jeff Bush founded OverflowWorks.com. Now with 25+ years in the direct marketing profession, he has made us the choice marketing firm of some of the nation’s most reputable brands in the mortgage, automotive and solar industries. Since 1992, Jeff has produced and fulfilled over 1 billion pieces of direct mail for these specialized fields – and as OverflowWorks.com continues to discern which industries we will add to our scope of services, Jeff has thoughtfully led the way.

One advantage Jeff provides clients is his own experience prior to becoming a marketer. “I started my own mortgage brokerage and progressed into a mortgage banker, real estate and escrow company that funded $25 million per month in home loans, so I have been on the client side of the business,” he says. “What I learned from that experience makes it easy for me to put myself in our clients’ shoes and deliver the marketing services they really need.”

As president of our agency, Jeff aims to exceed client expectations in regards to what can be achieved. “One way we differentiate ourselves is by emphasizing that we are not merely a direct mail company,” he says. “We write copy, create compelling offers, and provide the most targeted data in the world – all so that you can get a higher response rate.” Jeff is the captain of the ship in every way, and our clients reap all the benefits of his leadership.

Matin Atrushi

Matin Atrushi

VP of Sales

Matin is instrumental to the client services component of OverflowWorks.com and an ideal account executive to offer as a standard bearer for our entire customer service team. He states that his years of experience in direct mail have trained him to write creatives that perfectly fit the target for each client. “Making a creative that hits the target at the most response is so important,” Matin says. “I want to help our clients increase response and lower the cost of acquisition.”

Matin also takes pride in the industry niches that OverflowWorks.com services. “We specialize in targeted niches that very few people know about,” he says. “We study the marketplace.” His personal specialties include mortgage industry direct mail, call transfers and email marketing – speaking to his expertise, he has substantially increased the response for some of nation’s top lenders during his time at our agency.

In addition to his marketing experience, Matin has a background in auto and home insurance; he is also a licensed real estate agent, and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. We are pleased to have someone of his extensive accomplishments working on behalf of our clients.

Danielle Contreras

Danielle Contreras

VP of Strategy & Client Services

With a career in B2B and B2C marketing of 20 years and counting, Danielle is an incredible asset to our executive team. Her abilities enhance our agency as we work to meet our business goals and those of our clients. When it comes to the companies we service, Danielle considers their needs above all others. “When clients have complex direct marketing initiatives,” she says, “I engineer and articulate those initiatives and map them to specific client objectives.”

Danielle’s background includes successful outcomes with household name clients such as WebEx, Cisco Systems, Salesforce, First Data, Goldman Sachs, Quicken Loans, Starbucks and Western Union. Now, she brings this impressive experience to the table for the benefit of our clientele.

Danielle plays an active role in strategic development and has lead the implementation of many successful campaigns: variable, data-driven, multi-channel integrated direct marketing programs using conventional and digital direct mail packages, emails, personalized URLs, search engine marketing and outbound telemarketing. We are proud to have her on the OverflowWorks.com team.

Brad Pollard

Brad Pollard

Executive Vice President of Sales

Brad enjoys over 30 years of experience in the Direct Mail Marketing industry and these years do not count the time he spent working in his father’s direct mail business from a very young age.

He has served on the Board of Directors for two industry trade associations and is passionate about all aspects of the direct mail process and industry concerns.

In his career he has helped clients mail over 3 billion pieces of direct mail and expects to add a billion more!  He is practiced in building multimillion dollar sales team by delivering solid direct mail solutions and creating client retention programs.

When he isn’t at work he enjoys his family and the benefits of living in Southern California. These benefits include that day he went surfing and skiing in the same day!

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