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About the Client:
This mortgage loan provider understands that a mortgage means more than a loan, it means the warmth and security of homeownership. As a family run company, they pride themselves on making homeownership possible for generations of families.

The Challenge:

Originally this mortgage company owned their own direct mail company and as the response from direct mail decreased (to .2% – point two percent) they eventually closed down their mail house since cost per funded loan was over $3000.

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The Process:

With help from Overflowworks.com, this client was able to identify the exact kind of lead they were looking for and the data was then pulled from the  Overflowworks.com
propriety database. New creative was designed from the letter to the envelope and overall format to meet the needs of that exact target group and we tested the messaging.


The Results:

The winning message from the testing was scaled to send to the whole list of ideal targets. The call center was busy again and they were receiving over 1% response (a 5x lift in response rate).

Given that month over month consistent result, the client was interested in trying the 12 data set options cited on a blog post by Overflowworks. com. They tested each of the 12 data sets and received a .5-1.5% response with the exception of one data set. This one data set provided a 5% response rate and their call center was maxed. If you are interested to know what that one data
set was – give us a call!

This client now feels they have a trusted partner to help them reach and exceed their business goals. We share their commitment of helping our clients like they help people become homeowners – we are responsible for the outcome and are committed to our client’s success.

Because of non-disclosure agreements between Overflowworks.com and its client, Overflowworks.com has, in many cases, intentionally omitted actual corporate names of its clients in its case studies.

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