Insurance Leads is a direct mail marketing service and advertising company that has been helping Insurance Agencies generate leads for over 20 years. Our mission is to help our Insurance Agency clients grow their revenue with direct mail. 


Generate Leads Through Direct Mail

Why "Turn-Key" Direct Mail?

Campaign Planning

Turn Key Execution 

Rapid Deployment

In an ever-expanding media landscape, well-crafted and placed campaigns need to be memorable and influential.

We take care of all of those little rules, regulations, and potential pitfalls while saving you a ton of money on postage.

We specialize in high speed turn-around-times for direct mail projects. Everything is done here & can be completed quickly

 “Wow! It is so much easier going to a company that is geared to sending direct mail campaigns for insurance agencies. We saved time, money and a lot of frustration compared to how we used to do things.”
John Wooding
Owner of Wooding Insurance

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Direct mail is a great way to generate leads for your insurance company. You can use direct mail to attract attention to your insurance products including auto, life, commercial, health, and home insurance. can show you how to perfect your direct mail campaigns and partner with us to automate your mailings. Direct mail is a great way to lower your cost per acquisition vs other forms of marketing. By targeting your audience carefully, can help get the best results for your direct mail budget. At our primary goal is to help your insurance agency get more clients by taking advantage of the direct marketing channels that are working now and getting your message in front of your prospects. 

Insurance Leads Direct Mail
  • Lowest Postage Guarantee
  • Postal Regulations Experts
  • Quick Turn Around Time - FAST Delivery
  • Full-Service Direct Mail Company
  • Direct Mail Creative Department
  • Insurance Lead Generation Experts

We can help with every part of your project!

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Mailing Lists

You need a direct mail service that does it all! We print it, cut it, fold it, address it, lick it, stick it and mail it, all under one roof! originally offered only mailing services. However, we quickly saw the need to provide direct mail printing. 

A direct mail campaign is only as effective as the mailing list used to distribute your message. We can help you find it.

Our in house direct mail design specialists will provide you with everything from consultation to creation of your mail piece.


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