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With interest rates rising to over 4% mortgage lenders are seeing a decrease in leads and they are scrambling to find a way to increase their lead volume and call quality. Meanwhile we’ve been building and testing one of the most creative and innovative ways to market for cash out refi’s you’ve ever seen!

We’ve now tested and proven our NEW “4 Ways to Respond” and “Guaranteed 1% Response Rate” system is ready for roll out and I’d like to invite you as one of my exclusive guests to 30 minute webinar with me so I can explain how it all works. As a 20 yr. consumer direct marketing veteran and after pioneering innovative marketing strategies and sending over 1 billion pieces of direct mail, I believe this is one of our best ever campaign tactics.

I’m a big believer that data is the most important part of the equation so during this 30 min. live webinar I’m going to show you how we have built our database to provide the highest quality borrower prospects and how this new 4 ways to respond strategy will help you connect with them and build your opt-in cell phone database so you can start sending follow up mass text messages and increase your cash out refi leads. Oh yeah, I’m also going to show you our 1% GUARANTEED response rate system with our highly effective VA/FHA/Conv direct mail campaigns.

No other marketing company has EVER done this before but you can be the first to market this cool technology and beat out your competitors while guaranteeing your response rate.