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Email Marketing

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The rules continue to change, but email marketing continues to work.

Email Marketing

Data Resource Targeting

We find your targets using tools that tap into your existing customer and prospect databases, so you can reach your audience ethically and within the parameters of federal anti-spam laws. This is an important aspect of our services, and one we are proud to promote. When you speak to the people who already know you, your message can be a welcome one that produces an impressive open rate and click through rate. It’s just more effective.

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors’ most reliable email marketing strategies, and how are they being implemented? Using our powerful email marketing research tools, we will get the answers so you can surpass the competition and capture the leads before they do. Let’s embark on an email marketing campaign that puts the odds in your favor and grows your client base.


At the end of your email marketing campaign, we provide reliable metrics that reveal the successfulness of our strategy. Post-campaign reporting is a value-added service that protects your investment and helps you make informed budget decisions every time you use email to reach out to your audience. We believe a punctual, easily readable report is what all email marketing clients deserve at the conclusion of their campaign.


Strategic Planning

Let’s get creative with your email marketing. Here are the steps involved.

Market Research – Whether it’s a drip campaign or a single blast, an email marketing initiative also calls for strategic planning and competitive analysis to ensure it reaches the right targets at the right time. The competition is marketing with email, and we can analyze their products in order to provide you with an even better one. Meet or exceed their email marketing content, design and delivery so that you make a better impression on the audience, get the lead and close the sale.

Content Creation – Email marketing is more highly regulated than it was when you started out. That requires you to be more cognizant of the messaging involved. Fortunately, we can take that on for you. Our content creators can compose email marketing newsletters, blasts and other formats that abide by anti-spam laws and keep audiences engaged for all the right reasons.

Art/Creative Direction – As is the case with other digital marketing services, creative direction plays a serious role in email marketing campaigns. Our professional art director oversees the creation of emails that capture and hold the attention of their recipients. Tell your account coordinator what you’re interested in emailing, and our creative director can make it happen.

Production Artwork

Our email marketing products are created by artists for consumers. The artistic team understands how to create impactful emails that make a splash – and yet, do so subtly and naturally. This is its own special kind of art, particularly when it comes to email marketing. With artists like ours, these are creative email marketing services that have worked for businesses in your industry time and time again.

Brand Management

Email marketing can play a much larger role in branding than it gets credit for. What starts out as a way to communicate your news and share industry updates can also become a powerful driver for shaping awareness of your brand. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, especially when it comes to branding. We’ve done it right for businesses like yours time and time again, and we want to do it for you also.

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