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Direct Mail Marketing – 3 Reasons Direct Mail is Best Advertising Investment

In a world where new businesses turn to the internet for their lead generation, traditional direct mail has become even more valuable to those who know how. Whether you are looking for a quantifiable solution to your marketing efforts, or a more targeted way to reach your audience, there is a direct mail solution for you. Today we are sharing the 3 reasons direct mail is the best advertising investment for your business.

1. Let’s start with the simple fact that direct mail generates the best inbound leads of all inbound lead sources. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this terminology let me explain the major difference between inbound and outbound leads.
Inbound Leads – People who have CHOSEN to call you on their time…i.e. TV, Radio, Print Ads, Direct Mail
Outbound Leads – People you are calling…i.e. Any lead that you have to call to make first contact with.

An Auto Dealership Example:

Let’s say a potential buyer is browsing cars online, they like what they see, and they fill out one of those “contact me” forms; by the time the dealership calls them this potential customer could have lost interest- or maybe you are calling while they are at work or on vacation with their family. By not having immediate contact with them while they were most interested, your business may have lost the sale.
With direct mail this potential buyer is calling YOU directly while their interest is at it’s highest, which gives you the best possible timing for your sales pitch.

2. The second reason direct mail is the best advertising investment is because you know every inbound lead is pre-qualified. The potential customers that are receiving your direct mail have been pre-screened and hand selected by your business. This helps you avoid wasting time answering junk calls and ensures that each person you’re speaking with is a qualified buyer. Whether you are contacting business owners or consumers, direct mailing a targeted list ensures quality leads.

3. Direct Mail is still the most cost effective form of marketing, especially for auto-dealerships and mortgage companies. Other marketing mediums such as television or radio are more expensive and will still generate false leads. When you look at cost per qualified call, direct mail wins every time. Another perfect example is an auto dealership who does direct mail and TV/ Radio. The direct mail calls are all qualified, which we know to be true because of the list we’re mailing. Although TV and Radio ads produce calls, only a small amount of them actually qualify to buy a car leaving the salesman running in circles for nothing. This is not only true for auto dealerships, it’s true for all professional service companies.

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