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Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, digital marketing is the ultimate complement to a print marketing campaign. With a digital component, a marketing plan can make a bigger impression on new targets and go further to maintain the attention of seasoned clients. Email marketing, social media marketing and paid media opportunities are all available to expand your audience and deepen your reach. Read more about our digital marketing process.

Check out a quick overview of our digital marketing solutions.

Learn about how OverflowWorks.com capitalizes on the power of Facebook to advertise your company from our President & CEO, Jeff Bush.


Digital marketing products may be different than direct mail, but we implement the same processes to create a quality marketing product for you.

Digital Marketing

Data Resource Targeting

Much like print, good digital marketing starts with data acquisition to identify targets, and market research to determine what appeals to your audience. When your campaign involves retargeting, we use your existing databases to extract information on your past clients so you can reach them on their devices – wherever they spend the most time.

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors’ current digital marketing strategies? Using our powerful research tools, we can find out. Our competitive analysis process looks at the digital marketing efforts of your industry’s biggest players – not just overall, but in the most recent time periods so you can be on trend. Beat them at their own game and win, every time.


At the end of your digital marketing campaign, we provide reliable metrics that quantify the efficacy of the strategy we implemented on your behalf. Naturally, this is designed to protect your investment – but additionally, it serves the purpose of helping you make informed decisions every time you market. We believe the transparency of post-campaign reporting is what our clients deserve.


Strategic Planning

Let’s get creative with your digital marketing. Here are the steps involved.

Market Research – When we know what your competitors and industry leaders are doing, we can meet or exceed that standard in your own digital marketing efforts. That’s why we insist on market research as the first step. Because we delve deep to see what’s happening around the industry, you can get ahead of the competition and reach prospects before they do.

Content Creation – Maybe you embraced DIY digital marketing years ago; many of your competitors did as well. But today, digital content creation is a whole different animal. Audiences are more savvy, and that translates into purchasing power. When you trust us to write text that reaches their sensibilities and demonstrates your ability to solve their challenges, you can experience profitable results.

Art/Creative Direction – Creative direction plays a serious role in digital marketing campaigns. Our services include art direction that makes your sales goal the number one priority. Thanks to the experienced creative direction that leads the team, our artists know what is on trend and what works in the competitive digital landscape. As a result, they create targeted display and pay-per-click ads that hit the mark every time.

Production Artwork

Our digital artists understand that their designs are intended to make the inclination of today’s marketing-conscious consumers work in your favor. More importantly, they understand the challenge of doing it discreetly, yet effectively. They know what it takes to capture the audience’s attention, make a good visual impression and inspire results you will be satisfied with.

Brand Management

Branding is an indispensable piece of marketing, and we are happy to provide it via our digital services. Our digital designs can powerfully shape your brand – and because they are easily adjusted over time, they can help you seamlessly maintain it as the years go on. Whether your enterprise needs a slight rebranding or a major overhaul, we can help.

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