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In direct mail marketing, adding a call to action, or CTA at the end of your mail is essential to get the response that you want—whether that be signing up to your newsletter or making a purchase. Without it, it could be challenging to make the most of your direct mail efforts. 

The problem, however, is that customers these days are more knowledgeable than ever and you’ll have to write a convincing CTA that will boost your conversions. If you want to learn how to write a Call To Action that converts, we have written this article for you.


How to Write a Call-To-Action that Works

An effective CTA should be a few things: concise, specific, and easy to locate. Use as few words as possible and make sure that it’s readable—“sign up now,” and “buy now,” are some examples. But, because you want to let them know how they would benefit from it, you’ll want to try phrases that read along the lines of “sign up now for up to 50% off” or “buy now and get a free gift.”


  1. Set Your Goals 

What do you want to achieve with your direct mail? Ask yourself a few questions: 

  • What do you want your recipients to do? 
  • What’s in it for them? 
  • How will they complete these actions? 

A well-thought-out Call To Action should provide all the necessary information on what you want your recipients to do, why they should do it, and how they can follow through. 


  1. Use Convincing Language

Whatever your objective with your CTA, use words that will convince your readers to do what you’re telling them to do so. For example, instead of “visit our website,” say “visit our website now to receive a special offer.” 

The formula here is to use a strong command verb to start your CTA and follow it with words that provoke emotion or excitement: 

e.g. buy now and get 50% off! 

Another option is to highlight the benefits. 

e.g. sign up for a FREE TRIAL  

Using the word FREE works well in many cases. You don’t have to give everything away, though. Offering discounts, a free consultation, a free gift on their first order, or a free trial can work just as well. Other command verbs to remember include Get Started, Join, Subscribe, Learn More, Click Here, Claim, etc. 


  1. Make Your Call To Action Standout 

It’s not enough to use convincing words, your Call To Action should stand out from the rest of the text in your direct mail. Think about using a totally different size, style, and color. The placement should also help set it apart, whether your campaign is a postcard or newsletter. 

If there’s a significant amount of text in your direct mail, consider repeating your CTA throughout the letter to remind your audience about your offer. Hopefully, it would create a sense of urgency that will induce a fear of missing out (FOMO) and encourage your readers to take action. 

No CTA is successful if you don’t provide what you promised in exchange. For example, if the objective of your campaign is to get your readers to visit your site for a special gift, make sure to give them that gift. Otherwise, all your efforts will be useless. 


Have questions about direct mail marketing? We’ve got answers here. 

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