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About the Client:
The Wise Auto Group represents 13 brands of vehicles and prides themselves on their customer service focus and family history that exceeds 100 years in the region.

The Challenge:

This auto group was using 4 different direct mail houses and sending different mailers each week. The results were declining each month due to market saturation. They decided to let 2 vendors go and brought in  Overflowworks.com on a test basis.

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The Process:

With access to a unique, proprietary, set of data Overflowworks.com was able to bring the auto group message to a new audience of “in the market” car buyers. While the data set was being selected the letters, creative
and offers were completely redesigned.


The Results:

They started selling a lot more cars! Overflowworks.com provided a match back report for all cars sold in 2018 and a total of 644 cars were sold as a result of a direct mail piece being delivered – this was over 90% of all cars sold. The group has maintained the other two mail houses and now Overflowworks.com manages the 3rd and 4th weeks mail outs.

Direct mail is one of the best tools for an auto dealer and for this auto group it has decreased their marketing cost down from $972 to $554 per car sold.

Because of non-disclosure agreements between Overflowworks.com and its client, Overflowworks.com has, in many cases, intentionally omitted actual corporate names of its clients in its case studies.


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