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With our ever-increasing reliance on the Internet, businesses have gone all-in on digital, reaching out to their audiences online. That’s why direct mail marketing is more important than ever.

Direct mail advertising remains a cost-effective alternative to many forms of digital marketing, delivering ROI as high as 700%. However, to get the most out of your campaign, it’s best to avoid the following costly direct mail mistakes. 

Direct Mail Mistakes

  1. Mailing the wrong audience. 

There are many possible ways you could be mailing the wrong audience, but it all boils down to not knowing who your target should be. By understanding the demographics—age, gender, employment, location, etc.—and traits of your ideal customers, you would be able to focus your direct mail efforts on prospects that are more likely to convert. 

  1. Providing lame offers. 

It’s not enough that your mailer only explains what you have to offer, it has to provide value to your recipients too for them to take action. Make sure that your direct mail offer is attractive and compelling—offer a bonus gift, free consultation, a discount, or a free trial period. Use phrases such as limited time offer to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Using a templated message for everyone. 

With an average user estimated to encounter 6,000- 10,000 ads daily in 2021, it’s easy to see why consumers today have come to expect some level of personalization with brands. The easiest way to get around this is to get to know your audience beyond their demographics. Then, segregate your audience into multiple segments, identify their needs and pain points, and create various direct mail messages that speak to each segment.

  1. Forgetting that design also matters. 

What you include in your mailer and what you emphasize by size, placement or color will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. But whether that be a postcard or letter, avoid swamping your reader with too much information. Instead, use features like headers and bullets to create sections. Leave a lot of white space as well to keep everything from looking like an eyesore. 

  1. Not tracking results. 

Like with any other marketing strategy, you have to track the results of your direct mail campaigns to see whether or not they are working. A good response rate can significantly vary based on your business and marketing objectives. You can work with a direct mail marketing agency that will develop a unique tracking method for each campaign you send. For example, they may send out coupon codes that customers could use to redeem an offer.

How to Avoid These Costly Direct Mail Mistakes

There are many other considerations you should not overlook when planning a direct mail campaign. The best way to avoid these mistakes is by not going to a mailing house directly and instead work with a direct mail marketing services provider with expertise on what works and who can create a strategy that works for your business.