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About the Client:
This solar installer specializes in clean energy technologies. They provide
solar systems, energy storage, estate scale battery backup and electric pool
heating solutions. They provide clean energy solutions for residential and
commercial properties and have 30 years of hands on experience in the field.

The Challenge:

All primary leads were coming through Facebook advertising and they
received 800 telephone numbers/email addresses of interested
people per month and had to make outbound calls with a 40% contact
rate. Their installers were busy and all was going well until Facebook
changed its ad process and they were left with a 20 person call center
and no leads to call to make and no installations on the books.





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The Process:

Direct mail campaigns were created with a strong offer and testing
was done. At the time, the zero down payment offer had the strongest
response rate and the phone began ringing with inbound calls. A full
dataset of people interested in solar was compiled from the
Overflowworks.com homeowner database in preparation for the full
scale mailing.

The Results:

The call center is busy again and they are receiving 800 INBOUND calls per
month (versus 800 outbound calls from the previous marketing method).
This doubled their contact rate and the marketing spend was the same as the
Facebook budget. Overflowworks.com continues to test the messaging to stay ahead of the saturated market and changes continue to be made that lead to increased response rates.

This client is happy to have a busy call center with employees that
are motivated by the inbound calls. In addition, the overall cost
per sale went down as a result of using direct mail marketing.

The Challenge:


Mortgage Direct Mail

Because of non-disclosure agreements between Overflowworks.com and its client, Overflowworks.com has, in many cases, intentionally omitted actual corporate names of its clients in its case studies.


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